Poker is a card game that involves players putting together hands of cards with the aim of having the highest or in some cases the lowest ranking hands to win. This game will usually involve some form of betting system where players have to bet to stay in the game. The best hand will not always win in poker if a player with a lower hand can bluff his/her way to the end. The winner of a game is held to win the ‘pot’ that contains all bets made in a game.

Poker has many variations in terms of the games that are played. These share some rules in many cases but each individual poker game can be very different from the next. Many players like to stick with one or two game types that they enjoy playing most. Some poker games are played with five cards and some with seven.

Most poker games will start with a bet that all players will take place in to build up the pot. They will then go round the table with each player having to decide whether to bet again to stay in the game or whether to fold. Players will usually fold if they believe that their hand is not good enough to win the game. In some cases cards will be changed and new ones taken into a hand during the course of a game.

Most standard poker games will fall into three main categories. These are:

Standard poker hands include: