Video Poker

Video poker is a basically a slot machine game that works on a poker basis. So, instead of having to line up certain symbols such as fruit or bells as you do with standard slot machines this kind of game is all about getting a poker hand to win. You may be given chances to ‘hold’ good cards to try and build a hand over games if you’re lucky.

Although poker is a game that is dependent on chance to a certain extent it is also a game of skill. Video poker is not meant to work in the same way. You need to understand which poker hands might win you money but you don’t have/need as much input into the hand you may or may not end up with. This is primarily a game of chance.

In recent years video poker has become an online gaming favourite. Some people will simply play the game for fun as a software game on their computer or as part of a suite of slot or casino games. There is nothing to win here and people simply play to pass the time and to have fun.

Video poker games that appear on online gaming sites such as casino websites, for example, can however be played for money. These games work just like the slot machine variations but you pay to play online. Again, you may simply do this for fun with virtual money that most online gaming sites will let you play with.

As an alternative you can play video poker online slots for real money. Here you will play a specific reel pull to get a dealt hand. You will often then be allowed to hold the cards you want to keep to build up a decent hand. The remaining cards will then be redealt again in the second part of the pull. Each pull will cost you money. You get the hand you are dealt in the two goes unless, as with a standard slot machine, one of your pulls gives you the chance to hold certain cards and to pull again to try and build a winning hand.

There are many different video poker games. Some will work on general poker rules whilst others will bring in specific elements from some poker games or create a special game of their own. So, for example, you may play a game here where Jacks are the limiter.

In this kind of video poker game you will need to get at least two Jacks as a pair to start winning money. A standard pairing under Jack values will not pay out. It is also quite common to have wildcards/Jokers used in these kinds of poker games.